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Kisan Ramchandra Auctioneers Pvt. Ltd. are in the business of conducting turnkey auctions for over one decade with complete commitment of offering the best price and service to clients through end to end solutions. The Company through it's leadership status delivers to it's clients an array of professional auction management services that are tailored to give maximum returns on any auction conducted through us. Our core competency in the auction arena is ably enriched by experienced personnel who have integrated knowledge of the business for delivering maximum returns for our very prestigious client profile which span diverse industries and Commercial and other Industries throughout the country.

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Crompton Greaves Ltd;,Transformer Division, Kanjur Works, Bhandup, Mumbai.

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This company, M/S KISAN - RAM- CHANDRA AUCTIONEERS PVT LTD is an Auctioneering Enterprise which renders service in a specialized line with the experience that has been gained by the people managing it over a number of years.

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Kisan Ramchandra Auctioneers Pvt. Ltd, are in the business of conducting turnkey auctions for over one decade with complete commitment of offering the best price and service to clients through end to end solutions.

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Good ground work Sourcing and implementation on the very latest business trends, prices and markets is an ongoing process with us, to improve upon our clients business lines.Our senior managers are constantly monitoring this .

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Our Impressive, Success Stories…

Over the years, Kisan Ramchandra Auctioneers have played a unique role in some important national projects. For example, the Nathpa Jhakri joint venture – a construction conglomerate of Hindustan Construction Company and Impregilo of Italy, entrusted with the construction of the prestigious Hindustan Tunnel at Nathpa Jhakri (Himachal Pradesh) power project with a capacity of 1500 MW over the river Sutlej had our contribution. We sold their H E M equipments construction machinery and heavy plate bending machines (capacity of 240mm thick hot plate).

Hindustan Construction Company, a leading name in construction, responsible for setting up the Atomic Power Plant in Kota, Rajasthan. We have sold their construction HEM machines.

Similarly, we have also sold imported construction machinery for another leading name in construction, viz., Continental Construction.

For Bosch Ltd. at Nasik, Bangalore and Jaipur, we are regularly conducting auctions of their scrap / workshop machinery.

For Kalyani Lemmerz Ltd, Pune – manufacturers of automobile wheel rims we have conducted multiple auctions of their ferrous waste, every quarter.

Castrol India Ltd., Mumbai - leading petroleum Product Company has also assigned us the task of conducting auctions of their surplus plant and machinery.

Leading sugar factories such as Rajarambapu SSK, Sanjivani SSK and Datta SSK have also regularly utilized our services for the disposal of their surplus waste and machinery.

Other leading companies who have utilized our valuable services for multiple purposes such machinery / scrap disposal or auction sales are:

1) CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd.

  • Stamping Div – M6, Ahmednagar
  • LT Motor – M3, Ahmednagar
  • Transformer Division (T3) – Bhopal
  • Large & Traction Machine Division, Bhopal
  • Large Motor & Generator, Bhopal
  • Switchgear Division, Nashik
  • Motor Division, Goa

2) Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd., Goa

3) Kirloskar Group of Companies

  • Kirloskar Brothers Ltd., Wadi, Dewas, Sanand, Kaniyur
  • Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd. – Hadapsar & Saswad
  • Karad Projects & Motors Ltd.

3) Mahindra & Mahindra Group of Companies

  • Automotive Sector – Haridwar, Zaheerabad, Kandivali, Nashik, Igatpuri
  • Tractor Division – Haridwar, Zaheerabad, Kandivali, Nagpur, Rudrapur, Zaheerabad
  • Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturing Ltd., Chakan

4) Cummins Group of Companies located at Phaltan, Dewas, Pithampur, Ahmednagar, Ranjangaon, Pune

5) Alfa Laval (India) Ltd.

6) Bosch Chassis Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Chakan, Manesar

7) Foundation Brake Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., Jalgaon & Manesar

8) Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Baramati

9) Suzlon Generator Ltd., Pune

10) Automotive Research Association of India, Pune

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About Us


  • Pioneers with a glorious past and a futuristic vision.
  • Systems based on sound principles of integrity and transparency.
  • Offering expertise backed by highly skilled professionals.
  • Seamless and smooth execution of diverse, complex projects.

As pioneers, KR Auctioneers have a glorious past built upon the solid foundations of business ethics, integrity, sound knowledge of auctioneering business, skilled staff and more than anything else, the objective of giving the best deal to clients.

The Company has been in the fore front of conducting turnkey auctions for over a decade now, for a host of diverse and prestigious clients across the country, with commitment and responsibility and offering the best price and service through end to end solutions.

In fact, as a leader in our field, we often customize auction management services to suit the specific needs of our Clients, so as to maximize their returns. With highly skilled professional man power, well versed in the field, we deliver on our commitment each time!


The late Amrut Panhale inherited the auction business when auctioneering in India was a fledgling industry and largely disorganized. However, with his intrinsic vision, acumen, integrity and hard work he not only gave a direction to his own Company, but to the auctioneering industry itself.

The credit of putting in place, a number of systemic measures in the auction business largely goes to his ability of understanding the pros and cons of this intricate industry. It was he who liaised with Clients, understood their hardships and devised systems that would address these problems pertaining to disposal of large scale industrial scrap at the best possible price.

He re-defined the role of auctioneer and enlarged the scope and boundaries of this industry taking it on a growth trajectory. He paid attention to every minute feed back of his clients and worked upon their suggestions to provide them a set of seamless services.

The methodologies he used were transparent and his integrity and principles were unquestionable. It is for this reason, that his Company grew at a brisk pace and acquired a reputation that was impeccable.

Possessing great qualities of head and heart, he had the mind of a benevolent business man, who believed that, just making profits should not be the motive behind running a business – that the greater good of society itself needed to be addressed.

To him, human relationships mattered a great deal; so, be it his clients or employees, he valued their association and was a friend, philosopher and guide to many!

Then again, he had the uncanny ability of solving problems, which made him much sought after by Clients who were in a spot or employees who faced a crisis in their personal life.

A simple man by nature, he believed in high moral values which he displayed in his own interaction with one and all throughout his life!

SHIRISH A. PANHALE – Chairman & Managing Director

Shirish A. Panhale is the grandson of K.R. Panhale, one of the founding fathers of auction business in India. A dynamic personality, he combines an erudite knowledge of his business with an innovative outlook and is constantly striving towards raising the bar as far as the auction sale business is concerned. His lineage gives him an intuitive capability which comes from exposure to business at an early age and the opportunity to bank upon over a hundred years of collective auctioneering experience!

Not the one to rest on past glories, he has always kept pace with modern management concepts, changing times and technological progress, making efforts to incorporate various progressive measures and systems in the business so as to offer his clientele the best of service. A positive motivator, he carries the reputation of his grandfather with great responsibility.

A well qualified professional, he has under his belt a remarkable record of achievements made possible on account of his futuristic vision, an innovative perspective, the ability to build bridges with clients and a jovial temperament.

His record of auction sales tells an impressive tale as is evident from the letter of appreciation issued by the Chairman of MSEB for conducting the sale of its 90 MW Kharparkheda thermal power plant worth Rs 7 crores at Nagpur.

An exclusive antique auction involving the social and business glitterati of India was conducted by him with great flair. It turned out to be a resounding success in terms of value bidding as well as the organizing capability of the Company. Much appreciation was expressed about the auction management abilities of the Company by senior global participants.

Then again, various complex auctions conducted for MSRTC and the Defense departments have received much praise which is recorded in the concerned departments. Thus, he has conducted many an auction - even in danger prone zones!

BUSINESS METRICS – Integrated disposal services and technical back-up:

Our time tested business metrics enable us to offer our Clients an array of services such as consultations on ways of securing the best possible returns for material under disposal e.g. Location, Advertising, Pricing, Lotting and the like on account of an in-depth knowledge of various Industry requirements and access to a dynamic buyer Network which results in swift response cycles and high quality of service in today’s highly competitive and fast paced business environment. In fact we have systematized what was earlier a highly disorganized auctioneering sector in India.

ESSENTIAL GROUND WORK – part of corporate strategy:

Our belief systems and business philosophy has always ensured that we stay tuned to the latest business trends, pricing, markets as well as the entire gamut of auctioneering.

This is reason why our senior managers are constantly researching, monitoring and analyzing information pertaining to various divergent industries as well as sourcing for new and larger buyer participation, through physical contacts, channel partners or through online sources.

The information thus collected, keeps us updated on market realities. It is duly documented and communicated to Clients, enabling them in making informed decisions. This information is particularly useful during pre-auction decision making process of voluminous transactions.

MACHINERY DISPOSAL – a major activity:

KR Auctioneers Pvt. Ltd. has developed the acumen of machinery disposal to perfection! We have wide and varied experience in the sphere of Plant, Machinery and Equipment sale through tender, auction, private treaty or negotiated sale – in fact, for a decade now, that’s been our core business. And our reputation speaks for itself.

AUCTION SALES – a science and art:

Conducting an auction sale is no mean business, as it involves in getting the best possible deal for the Client!

We have specialized in sales by auction of a host of materials such as scrap, industrial plant, heavy machinery and equipment. Not just that, we have enviable experience in conducting auctions across diverse industries such as automobile, electronic, chemical, sugar, telecommunications, to name a few - encompassing all areas of manufacturing and construction. Most of these auctions are conducted on the website of KR Auctioneers Pvt. Ltd. on behalf of clients and material can be duly inspected at their site.

E-AUCTIONS – in tune with technology

Modern day demands have never found us lagging behind. In fact, at KR Auctioneers Pvt. Ltd., we have always believed in staying ahead of the competition, by incorporating the latest trends of technology. Our Online e-Auctions have been a stupendous success and appreciated by our prestigious corporate clients such as Bosch, M&M, Cummins, Kirloskar, Alfa Laval, L&T and Crompton etc.


Since certain specialized plants such as Steel Mills, Sugar Plants and Power Plants are unsuitable for auctions and have a smaller number of specific buyers across the Nation, we scout for suitable, potential parties over a period of time after conducting thorough research and market study to target this niche clientele. In these cases, the time frame to maximize value is measured in months and years rather than in days. We have a track record of successfully selling large plants and facilitating closure of unviable industry and in finding new operators for surplus plants.


Running the auction sale business over two decades gives us multiple advantages in terms of technical know-how. Add to this we have a team of experts who segregate, re-group auction material and assist clients as well as buyers in valuation of material on site to arrive at correct pricing. They compile and collate information for circulation to concerned parties in order to generate healthy competition.

On the Logistics front, we handle advertising for generating business, arrange inspection of material for buyer at site, fix time and date for auction; complete all documentation and expedite lifting of auctioned goods as well as create alternative arrangements in case of defaults – in short we offer complete solutions.


Over the years, we have been able to customize and offer services par excellence to a host of prestigious clients spread across the country and covering diverse industry and product mix. Their satisfaction and faith in us has been a catalyst for our growth.

We on our part cherish this association and have always kept the best interests of our clientele at heart through transparency of operation and integrity, paying heed to their feedback and suggestions; modifying and innovating to keep in tune with the changing economic scenario and technology!

SERVICES - offering high value:

KR Auctioneers Pvt. Ltd. have spent over two decades in auctioneering and gathered rich experience in this complex field. Interacting with multifarious clients from various industries has given us an in depth understanding of our business and client needs.

We have built a team of technical experts who operate at different levels to cater to the requirements of all our clients.

We have dealt with both government and semi government organizations as well as a number of prestigious private sector corporate houses.

Our services have never been restricted to just conducting auction sales but in putting in all the preparatory work required both before and after auctions so as to enhance returns on investment.

Once the work is assigned to us, here is a list of exemplary services we render:

  • Diligent survey and advice on segregation of material.
  • Advertising in appropriate newspapers where the material would find the best market.
  • Compilation of suitable catalogue with precise information and mailing the same to interested parties.
  • Establishing verbal communication / dialogue with potential customers.
  • Deployment of personnel for conducting all related activities.
  • Making arrangements for the auction; fixing time, date and venue.
  • Arranging realization of auction proceeds and payment to concerned parties
  • Follow up on balance payments and lifting of material in given time frame.

All these activities ensure a smooth, seamless service to our valued clients.


This company, M/S KISAN RAMCHANDRA AUCTIONEERS PVT LTD is an Auctioneering Enterprise which renders service in a specialized line with the experience that has been gained by the people managing it over a number of years with distinction and innovative approaches. The Enterprise has achieved the high standard expected by its clients and renders services which the highest possible returns.

A Strong team both at the helm and down the line has dealt with multifarious activities connected with this business with the complete satisfaction of our clients so much that their services have been sought after. We shall aim at excellence together with you once the jobs of auctions are entrusted to us.

We have dealt with government Departments, large scale Semi-Government Organizations and very well known corporate entities in the Private Sector.

Our services in this connection would not only include conducting auctions, but also preparatory work which enhances the returns and post - auction follow up with realization of proceeds, where as other Auctioneers would only confirm their service to the specific auctions. Needless to add, not only would we ensure a high standard of performance but also improve upon it according to the needs and requirements of our reputed clients.

Once the work is entrusted to us, we would arrange for the following in order to secure the best participation and the maximum realization:

  • Careful Survey and advice on segregation of material.
  • Advertisements in Newspapers and Journals both National, Local and in various languages where the material would have vast market.
  • Compilation of catalogues of material proposed for disposal and mailing these to parties most interested in the particular material.
  • Making personal and other contacts with buyers to effect widest possible participation.
  • Deployment of personnel for various connected and related activities.
  • Making all arrangements for the auctions including fixing up dates and venues of the auction.
  • Arranging realization of auction proceeds and payment to the authorities concerned.
  • Follow-up on payment of balance money and for lifting of material within the stipulated period.

We would bring in our work the established relationship and close contacts of the undersigned and other officers concerned in these Enterprises with the buying community as also the Departments and Organizations we have been dealing with. This could be of great value and importance in carrying out the activities smoothly and profitably.

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